PAS Youth asks if DAP supports LGBT over involvement in axed pride march


Source: The Malay Mail Online

Taylor’s University had explained that it cancelled LGBT awareness event at its campus because the organisers did not obtain its approval. — AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 ― PAS Youth asked today whether its former ally DAP supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement, pointing to one of its members’ involvement in a now-cancelled public awareness campaign.

The Islamist party wing also urged Muslims to question whether Opposition pact Pakatan Harapan can ensure the “strength and sanctity” of Islam.

“PAS Youth questions if DAP too approve of the LGBT considering the involvement of Subang DAP Socialist Youth’s organising secretary in Pelangi Campaign?

“If true, what is the view of DAP’s friends in Pakatan Harapan?” the wing vice-chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari said in a statement here.

The Campaign for Equality and Human Rights Initiative, also known as Pelangi Campaign, was one of the supporters of the “Courage in the Face of Adversity” LGBT awareness event that was scheduled for next month before it was suddenly cancelled by Taylor’s University.

Subang DAP Socialist Youth’s organising secretary Numan Afifi is also the founding president of Pelangi.

“The question of Malaysians especially Muslims, can Pakatan Harapan be counted on to strengthen Islam and ensure its sanctity in the current atmosphere?” Ahmad Fadhli asked.

Taylor’s University had explained that it cancelled the student event at its campus because the organisers did not obtain its approval.

The private university insisted the decision was not made due to protests brewing on some Islamist blogs that were unhappy that the event would coincide with the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

The event planned for June 6 to 8, more than a week after Ramadan begins, would include a movie screening, forum, exhibition, open mic session, and a pride march at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

In response, Pelangi said in its statement that Malaysians should reflect upon the policies and public engagements of London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan by celebrating diversity and unity through the Big Gay Iftar programme.

The local LGBT community remains in the shadows, particularly Muslims, fearing persecution from religious authorities in the predominantly Muslim country that has religious laws prohibiting same-sex relationships and cross-dressing.

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