Government, people care little about death penalty, says Bar

Source: FMT News 

KUALA LUMPUR: A lack of concern by the government has led to the people also viewing the issue of the mandatory death penalty in the country as being of little importance, the Malaysian Bar said today.

The Bar’s human rights committee co-chairman Andrew Khoo said only opposition parties seem to care, and consider the abolition of the mandatory death penalty an issue that needs more attention.

He said one of the reasons behind the failure to support the move may be the government’s observation that there are many developed or first world countries also carrying out capital punishment. Read more

Brother of death-row inmate harbours hope to save him

Source: FMT News 

KUALA LUMPUR: There was a time when Sum Ah Yoon never had an opinion about the death penalty, but that changed when his younger brother was sentenced to the gallows in January 2009.

“I am against it. My brother deserves a second chance at life,” the 60-year old retired banker said.

“Maybe one day your family member will become a victim. You never know,” he said on the sidelines of a conference and training workshop titled “Abolition of the Death Penalty in Malaysia and Asia Pacific” here yesterday. Read more