MAC, Terengganu govt discuss plight of transgender community


Source: The Star

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) held a meeting with the Terengganu state government to discuss the plight of transgender community.

In a statement, MAC deputy secretary-general Elisha Kor Krishnan said a meeting with state executive councillor Ghazali Taib on Monday (Jan 15) was refreshing as they were able to push issues concerning the community.

The issues, among others, she said was to create awareness on the increasing number of HIV/AIDS cases which were mostly due to homosexual sex.

“He (Ghazali) also agreed to collaborate with us and we were invited for a task force meeting on the matter on Thursday (Jan 18),” she said.

Elisha said HIV/AIDS cases recorded at least a 40% increase in 2017 from 2,864 cases in 2016.

She also highlighted cases where the community was often mistreated and discriminated at workplaces.

“With this meeting, we also hope to raise awareness among the public, who often misunderstand the transgender community, be it in the education sector, work sector or the government sector.

“The media also need to play an important role in shaping the correct perception of the community,” she said.

Elisha said some of them have experienced depression due to discrimination.

“They are even discriminated when they seek medical treatment, where some doctors in Terengganu refused to treat them just because of their gender identity,” she added.