Tasik Gelugor MP says talking about statutory rape, not forced sex (VIDEO)

Source: The Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 ― Datuk Shabudin Yahya today clarified that he was referring to consensual sex involving minors with his controversial suggestion for rapists to marry their victims.

The Tasik Gelugor MP denied he was referring to violent rape while debating the Child Sexual Offences Bill 2017 yesterday, following uproar over his suggestion.

He insisted that such crimes should be dealt with according to existing laws such as the Penal Code, and rejected reports that he was condoning such rapes.

“But in society’s reality, there are many cases of rape that are classified by law as ‘statutory rape’ but based on common consent.

“To resolve such problems, families often cover up the shame, do not make police reports and eventually make the decision to marry them,” he said in a statement on the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers site. Read more

Serangan dalam penjara, kerajaan dan 8 yang lain disaman

Sumber: FMT News

Seorang pemandu berusia 36 tahun mendakwa saraf tunjangnya rosak selepas diserang dalam penjara Sungai Buloh dan lewat diberi bantuan oleh warden bertugas.

KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang lelaki menyaman kerajaan dan 8 yang lain atas tuduhan cuai sehingga membawa kepada serangan terhadapnya ketika berada dalam tahanan di penjara Sungai Buloh.

Shashitheran Valan, 36, mendakwa akibat serangan yang berlaku di dalam sel penjara itu, saraf tunjangnya dan fungsi air kencingnya rosak.

Beliau menyaman kerajaan, 5 warden penjara, pengarah penjara Sungai Buloh, pesuruhjaya Jabatan Penjara dan menteri dalam negeri, mendakwa mereka cuai dan gagal dalam tugas untuk memastikan keselamatan dan kebajikannya ketika dalam tahanan.

Tuntutan saman itu difailkan hari ini di pejabat pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi.

Shashitheran, yang sebelum ini bekerja sebagai pemandu memohon ganti rugi dan pengisytiharan yang penahanannya melanggar Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan undang-undang penjara kerana dia ditempatkan dalam satu sel bersama 100 yang lain. Read more

Balu mahu siasatan bebas kematian suami dalam tahanan


Komen HAKAM: Setiap kematian dalam tahanan polis semestinya disiasat. Pihak Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia (Suhakam) dan Suruhanjaya Integriti Agensi Penguatkuasaan (EAIC) sedang menjalankan siasatan sedemikian.

Soalannya, adakah siasatan-siasatan begini mencukupi untuk meraih keadilan bagi pihak-pihak semati dan keluarga mereka? Sedangkan pegawai polis mungkin terbabit dalam kesalahan yang membawa kepada kematian-kematian ini, adakah wajar ataupun mencukupi kalau hanya pihak polis yang diberi kuasa rasmi untuk menyiasat dan menjatuhkan apa-apa kehukuman terhadap anggota mereka yang disabitkan bersalah mengabaikan ataupun melanggari SOP polis ke atas tahanan polis?

Memandangkan kejadian-kejadian kematian dalam tahanan polis masih seringkali berlaku, bukankah wajar pertimbangan yang lebih berat dan mendalam diberi kepada seruan berterusan untuk penubuhan Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salahlaku Polis (“Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)“)?

Sumber: FMT News

PETALING JAYA: Balu Thanaseelan Muniandy, yang meninggal dunia dalam tahanan polis bulan lepas, mahu siasatan bebas ke atas kematian suaminya.

Piremilah Sinasamy membuat laporan polis di IPD Petaling Jaya hari ini, meminta Bukit Aman menyiasat kematian itu.

“Pegawai dari balai polis Bukit Sentosa tidak boleh melakukan siasatan ke atas kematiannya kerana mereka mungkin terbabit,” kata suri rumah itu.

Piremilah mendakwa keluarganya tidak diberitahu mengenai penahanan Thanaseelan sehinggalah selepas kematian. Thanaseelan ditemui mati di balai polis Bukit Sentosa, Hulu Selangor 25 Februari lalu. Read more

Abused workers kept in jungles, says Tenaganita

Source: FMT News

PETALING JAYA: Most cases involving the abuse of migrant workers occur deep in jungles and in plantations located far from towns, the human rights organisation Tenaganita has alleged.

According to Tenaganita executive director Glorene Das, the abused workers, including those with families, are kept in “absolute isolation” from the outside world.

“Many don’t even know where they are and are too afraid to leave or run away because they have been threatened by the employers and agents, who use local gangsters to control them,” she told FMT.

She said Tenaganita was also aware of families brought into Malaysia on tourist visas and then sent to work deep in the jungles. She said they would remain in employment after the expiry of their visas.

“The agents and employers practise this form of exploitation and violation because there is no clear comprehensive policy for recruitment, placement and employment of migrant workers,” she added.

She was responding to a recent news report about human trafficking and the abuse of eighteen people at an oil palm plantation in Pengkalan Hulu.

According to The Star daily, the victims, including five children, were lured to the isolated plantation, accessible only by four-wheel drive along dirt roads. After their rescue, they told police they were made to work long hours, with the children forced to carry the harvested fruits. Read more

Why the Orang Asli blockade in Kelantan matters

Source: The Malay Mail Online

A small group of 15 people gather outside the national headquarters of PAS on Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur tonight to express solidarity with the native Temiar people of Gua Musang, Kelantan, November 30, 2016. ― Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

A small group of 15 people gather outside the national headquarters of PAS on Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur tonight to express solidarity with the native Temiar people of Gua Musang, Kelantan, November 30, 2016. ― Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

KUALA LUMPUR, March 1 — For many within the Temiar Orang Asli community, the forest in Gua Musang, Kelantan represents much more than just a place to call home.

It is where they seek shelter, hunt for food as well bury their dead, and they have been doing so for centuries without any incident. In return, they do their part and abide by strict ceremonial customs to safeguard and preserve the forest as well as the creatures that live in it.

But all this is rapidly changing, due to the aggressive deforestation by developers and which is sanctioned by the PAS-led Kelantan government. Logging is the main source of income for the one of Malaysia’s poorest states, so it is unlikely that their position on the matter will change anytime soon.

A new documentary titled Fighting for My Home for Channel News Asia’s Get Real programme has shed some new insight into the matter, as the affected Temiar community speak up on why they continue to stand by their blockade efforts to save the forest.  [Admin.: The video links appear at the end of this post] Read more

High Court orders federal and state government to compensate orang asli villagers

Source: The Star

JOHOR BARU: The High Court here has ruled that the Federal and Johor governments have failed to protect the land ownership rights of the orang asli in two villages.

High Court judge Justice Teo Say Eng ordered both governments to compensate villagers of Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Temon and Kampung Orang Asli Bakar Batu Perling for releasing portions of the 137.5ha-orang asli land to developers and individual buyers.

Under the order, both governments have to pay the villagers according to the market value of the land. Read more

Sexual orientation can be changed, Jakim says in new LGBT video

Source: Malay Mail Online

Jakim said to change one’s sexual orientation, one must intend to do so for God’s sake instead of being forced and repent one's homosexuality, in addition to leaving activities that would lead to same-sex relations. — AFP pic

Jakim said to change one’s sexual orientation, one must intend to do so for God’s sake instead of being forced and repent one’s homosexuality, in addition to leaving activities that would lead to same-sex relations. — AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 — The federal Islamic authorities have suggested that sexual orientation can be changed with extensive training, in a recent video explaining how Muslims can approach the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

The 3:08-minute video in Malay language has since received mixed reception from some Malaysians, with several praising it as a softer strategy that does not promote hate against the maligned minority, while others felt it still fails to acknowledge the community.

“Fact is, there are those among Muslims that has non-heterosexual orientation but remains steadfast on the path of Islam.

“For them, this is a test of Allah, and they choose to face the test appropriate with what Islam demands,” said the video shared by social activist Syed Azmi Alhabshi in a public post on his Facebook profile yesterday. Read more

Fahmi Reza gets to fly to Taiwan despite travel ban (VIDEO)

Source: The Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 9 — Activist Fahmi Reza said he managed to fly to Taiwan this morning after speaking to the police about being blacklisted by immigration authorities that prohibited him from travelling abroad.

The graphic artist wrote on his Facebook page Saturday that the police had put him on their “wanted” list and on the immigration blacklist on March 31 last year when he was in Thailand, during which Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department opened investigations under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 over his clown caricature of the prime minister.

“I fought the law, and I won! I’m going to Taiwan! Ending yang tidak dijangka [An unexpected ending],” Fahmi posted on Facebook this morning.

Fahmi said the police inspector who had put him on the “wanted” list was unaware that he was already questioned in February last year by another police officer and by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Read more

How Malaysian, Indonesian anti-terror cops take the fight to Islamic militants, foil plots

Source: Asian Correspondent

Malaysian Pasukan Gerak Khas (PGK) elite police operatives moving crosshairs during a Close Quarters Combat drill. Image via @Wikipedia Commons.  Image taken from Asian Correspondent.

Malaysian Pasukan Gerak Khas (PGK) elite police operatives moving crosshairs during a Close Quarters Combat drill. Image via @Wikipedia Commons. Image taken from Asian Correspondent.

WHILE authorities around the world grapple with thwarting attacks by Muslim militants, counter-terrorism units in both Malaysia and Indonesia have been lauded for curbing dozens of bombing plots and assault attempts aimed at killing scores of innocents.

This year alone, Malaysian anti-terrorism police nabbed more than 115 people with links to global Islamist militant groups, preventing at least 14 attempted attacks, while their counterparts in neighbouring Indonesia — also a Muslim-majority country — had foiled at least 15 suicide attacks and bombing plots, with more than 150 arrests, according to various news reports.

Earlier this month, Malaysian police Special Branch (SB) Counter Terrorism Division principal assistant director Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, told a seminar on countering extremism at the University of Jordan that the majority of the Malaysian public were unaware of the looming threat of the Islamic State (IS) militants who had planned a series of attacks in his country.

Unlike many countries in Europe, Malaysia has yet to face any major attacks in recent memory, but Ayub Khan said the June 28 grenade attack on an entertainment centre in Puchong in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur that left eight injured, was a wake up call on the imminent presence of IS.

“Many did not believe that the IS threat is clear and present. I have been talking about IS since 2013, but only after the bombing in Puchong did they (the public) believe it,” Ayob Khan was quoted as saying by national news agency Bernama. Read more

Wujudkan ‘sistem khas’ urus Rohingya, kata Syed Hamid

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SELAYANG: Kerajaan perlu mewujudkan “sistem khas” untuk menguruskan peningkatan jumlah kaum Rohingya di Malaysia, kata Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, Duta Khas Pertubuhan Kerjasama Islam (OIC) ke Myanmar.

Beliau berkata terdapat 50,000 Rohingya di Malaysia dan jumlah itu semakin meningkat dengan ramai di antara mereka mempunyai anak pada usia muda.

“Mereka berkahwin awal, mempunyai ramai anak. Kita tidak mahu anak-anak itu dieksploitasi mana-mana kumpulan jenayah bagi kepentingan mereka,” katanya selepas memberi bantuan makanan kepada kira-kira 200 Rohingya.

Acara ini diadakan di sebuah pusat pendidikan komuniti Rohingya di Selayang.

Beliau berkata, pendekatan baru diperlukan untuk menguruskan masyarakat Rohingya. Read more