‘Illegal for RTD to haul traffic offenders straight to court’

Source: FMT News

PETALING JAYA: The Road Transport Department (RTD) must have Parliament amend the law before it thinks about hauling traffic offenders to court.

Lawyers say nowhere in the Road Transport Act does it say the RTD has the right to drag offenders to court for traffic crimes when they can be fined.

They say if RTD wants to prosecute offenders for a traffic offence, the law has first to be amended to redefine which offences can be compounded and which cannot.

RTD director-general Nadzri Siron was reported to have told New Straits Times that the RTD would be hauling traffic offenders straight to court under its Chinese New Year operations if they committed seven particular road offences.

The offences are overtaking along double lines; driving in the emergency lanes; driving while talking on the phone; running red lights; not fastening the seat belts; jumping queues; and not wearing helmets.

“No compound (fine) will be issued,” he was quoted as saying. Read more