Putrajaya cites national security as reason for banning Al-Jazeera reporter from Malaysia

Source: The Malay Mail Online

MMO File pic

MMO File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 ― The Home Ministry said today that local authorities had banned Al-Jazeera journalist Mary Ann Jolley from entering Malaysia because her actions were deemed a threat to national security and public order.

The ministry, in a written reply to a question by Petaling Jaya Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian yesterday, also said the ban was within the right of the Malaysian immigration.

“To answer the question, Al-Jazeera reporter Mary Ann Jolley was banned from entering the country because of her actions that could be prejudicial to national security and public order.

“The Immigration Act 1959/63 gives power to the immigration director-general to block the entry of any foreigner coming to Malaysia if it is believed that the individual could threaten national security,” the ministry said. Read more