Death penalty should be abolished, says Baru

Source: Borneo Post

Baru Bian, Pic from Borneo Post.

Baru Bian, Pic from Borneo Post.

KUCHING: State PKR chairman Baru Bian wholeheartedly agrees with the call by human rights advocates that capital punishment be removed for all crimes currently punishable by death.

According to him, imposing of the death penalty was believed to act as a deterrent against crime but there is no conclusive evidence that capital punishment is an effective deterrent.

“Those who are about to commit crimes do not stop and sit down to weigh the consequences if they are caught, especially those who commit murder.

“I believe most people do not even know what the penalties are for various crimes except for drug trafficking as that is well-publicised, but even that does not have any deterrent effect, judging from the unabating illegal drug activities in this country,” Baru said in a press statement yesterday.

Baru, who is Ba Kelalan assemblyman, said while capital punishment does not give the offender the chance to be rehabilitated, he believed that people can change, and there are many offenders who do change.

“Whether it is through spiritual input, professional counselling or even the ageing process, many former criminals have changed their attitudes towards crime and emerged as reformed individuals. Read more