Cecil Rajendra and his fight for human rights honoured at Oxford University

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Renowned Penang-based lawyer and poet Cecil Rajendra looking through his latest book, Shakti Symphony, which was launched in Penang last weekend. Photo: The Star/Gary Chen

Prominent lawyer and poet Cecil Rajendra, lauded for his human rights advocacy and politically-conscious poetry, will soon add another highlight to his illustrious list of accomplishments.

The true blue Penangite’s work is being recognised in an academic paper to be presented in England’s prestigious Oxford University as part of a seminar on “Intellectuals and Independent Thought in Malaysia” from April 14-16.

The paper titled “From British Black Power to Malaysian Human Rights: The Transnational Formation of Cecil Rajendra” is by Prof Dr Ambikaipaker Mohan from Tulane University in New Orleans, the United States.

It is the first time a Malaysian writer’s work is accorded this rare honour, and Rajendra – who has helmed the Bar Council’s Human Rights and Legal Aid committees and named a Living Heritage Treasure by the Penang Heritage Trust – is deeply flattered. Read more

Nite of de Iguana – Cecil Rajendra

Nite of de Iguana

Kuala Lumpur: The “heroin-filled condoms” doctors removed from the stomach of a man who claimed to have swallowed iguana eggs have been certified as iguana eggs. City anti-narcotics chief said the chemist’s report confirmed the three objects removed from S. Adinarayanan’s stomach were iguana eggs.

Doctors who had operated on him after he had complained of stomach pains found three oval-shaped objects which they thought were condoms stuffed with heroin and called the police.

— ‘The Star’

So one nite
my wife she tole me,
“Ayah, really lah
nowadays you tak guna.”
I say, “Wat you mean,
wat you mean, wassamatter?” Read more

The Romantic Patient – Cecil Rajendra

The Romantic Patient

Penang-based lawyer-poet Cecil Rajendra - The Star file pic

Penang-based lawyer-poet-human rights activist and Past President of HAKAM, Cecil Rajendra – The Star file pic

The report said, he
had been suffering
from strange delusions
of justice and equality;
that he believed in
such myths like love
brotherhood and liberty.

Worse, the man in question
had visions of an open
society: free from poverty
bigotry and corruption.
He also had a long history
of dreams of a friendlier
environment for his children. Read more