Keeping poor urban kids safe from drug trap

Source: Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: A child rights NGO has urged the government to set up activity centres in poor urban areas for children to occupy their time safely after school.

According to Scott Wong, the executive director of Suriana Welfare Society, one of the main reasons children of the urban poor become drug abusers is that they are exposed to bad influences at the low-cost flats many of them live in.

“After school, they are unsupervised while their parents are away at work, and they meet up with older teens and others who are involved in drugs,” he told FMT.

“Because of the lack of positive influences, these drug users become the role models to these children.”

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Shoot drug dealers, jail addicts, says Bung Moktar

Source: The Malaysian Insight

CONTROVERSIAL lawmaker Bung Moktar Radin today suggested that drug dealers be shot and addicts jailed – in the style of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte – to combat the drug menace in the country.

Bung Moktar (BN-Kinabatangan) said AADK had failed in its efforts to fight the drug menace as the number of drug abuse cases had increased over the years.

“I suggest AADK be dissolved. It’s a waste of people’s money and a waste of time,” said Bung Moktar in Parliament today.

“The Philippines, after Duterte took over, can be considered as a zero-drug country now. Why can’t we follow their ways?

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Cops: Gangsters financed by VIPs

Source: The Malay Mail Online

Datuk Seri Mohmad Salled holds the seized rifle. Second from right is city police chief Datuk Amar Singh. ― Malay Mail pic

Datuk Seri Mohmad Salled holds the seized rifle. Second from right is city police chief Datuk Amar Singh. ― Malay Mail pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 ― A Datuk Seri and four Datuks involved in politics were recently nabbed over their involvement with violent gangs.

Police warned more gang members will be picked up soon.

The Datuk Seri, a businessman in his 50s, was picked up on January 27. He was the leader of Gang 24 in Penang and was linked to the murder of Datuk Ong Teik Kwong, who was allegedly shot by his bodyguard near the Penang Bridge on December 1.

“He has a money-lending business and ran an ice cube company,” a police source in the thick of the investigations revealed.

“The Datuk Seri financed the Penang gang and gave out instructions to the members.”

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigations Department director Datuk Seri Mohmad Salled said the four Datuks, in their 40s and 50s, were ranking members of Gang 360 Devan ― a splinter group of Gang 36. They were arrested at various locations in Kuala Lumpur last Friday.

They were among 38 gang members, aged 19 to 62, who were picked up.

Police seized eight pistols, a rifle, 768 bullets, 10.8kg of heroin and 20.9kg of amphetamines during the arrests.

“The four Datuks are involved in a political party and hold positions at the lower levels. But in the gang, they were well-positioned and gave out instructions,” he said. Read more