DAP Sabah calls on EC to explain voter registration anomaly

Source: The Borneo Post

KOTA KINABALU: DAP Sabah organising secretary Henry Shim has urged the Election Commission (EC) to provide an explanation over a recent complaint on voters registration that went viral on Facebook.

The said complaint arose when a resident by the name of Achmadi bin Abdul Libad found that his name was duplicated in the EC website when checking on his electoral voter status. The duplicated name, however, was registered through a police ID and not a normal IC, and the duplicated names were registered at different constituencies, but with the same date of birth.

“This is ridiculous! If the said registrations are proven to be from the same person, how could the same person appears to be in two different constituencies? If such system error appears to be within the EC’s voters registration system, how many such similar cases are already within the community of Malaysians? This has again raised the question that must be answered by the EC to the public, was it an administration snafu, or was there a conspiracy behind this?” he asked

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File legal suits against government, urges Ambiga



Ambiga Sreenevasan – pic take from FMT News

PETALING JAYA: The opposition and civil society must continue to file suits to reveal the shortcomings of the government, lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan said.

She said this was also to create awareness among the people on the issues at hand.

“Even if we lose, the evidence will come out,” she said at the “Save Malaysia” roundtable conference, initiated by DAP, held at a private club here.

However, there were times litigants had won their cases against the government. Read more

‘Political funding laws good for Malaysia’

Source: The Star Online

PUTRAJAYA: Having a set of laws to regulate political funding will have a positive impact on Malaysia as it will improve the country’s image in terms of integrity and accountability, says Senator Datuk Paul Low.

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said the recommendations by the National Consultative Committee on Political Financing could be an effective tool to improve governance because if political parties were transparent in their financial activities, the Government would also be seen as having high integrity.

Low said parties which had reservations on the recommendations should look at the proposal “in total”.

“It depends on what they are not happy about but generally, the recommendations can be effective as disclosures will have to be made so that they must be accountable on the expenditure and source of the funds.

“If we want to see an improvement of governance in the country, we have to deal with the issue of political funding. This is what I told the committee which made the proposal,” he told reporters after opening the Corporate Integrity Pledge Conference 2016.

On reservations voiced by several opposition lawmakers, Low said he could not fathom their concerns, saying that the proposed laws would be good for the country. Read more

NGOs concerned over regressing human rights

Source: FMT News

Reporting a decline in freedoms such as freedom of expression and religion, Comango urges government to honour its commitment to the UN’s recommendations. Pic taken from FMT News.

Reporting a decline in freedoms such as freedom of expression and religion, Comango urges government to honour its commitment to the UN’s recommendations. Pic taken from FMT News.

PETALING JAYA: The Coalition of Malaysian NGOs (Comango) is concerned with the regression of human rights in the nation.

At a press conference on its midterm Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process report, the group, made up of 54 NGOs, revealed its assessment of 60 measurable recommendations out of the 113 recommendations accepted by Malaysia in 2014.

The UPR report details United Nations member state’s performance in relation to the implementation of human rights recommendations it has accepted based on recommendations of other countries.

In its midterm report, Comango revealed that only 20% of the 60 recommendations had been fully implemented, while 57% of the recommendations have seen a regressing situation.

Areas which have seen a regression are freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of religion, elections and migrant workers among others. Read more

How serious is the Malaysian Election Commission in bringing about free, fair and clean elections? — M Kula Segaran

Source: The Malay Mail Online


MAY 14 — Polling for the Tamil Nadu (India) state election will be held on Mayth 16. The state election involves a total 234 constituencies and over over 70 million eligible voters.

YB A. Sivanesan, YB Kesawan, Segaran (DAP Ipoh Barat Chairman), VK Vembarasan (DAP Klang), Sdr. Rajalingam and Mohd. Arafat (PKR Tambun chief) and I have arrived in Chennai on May 6 to witness the election.

We toured the many areas in the state for the next 5 days to get an insight of the election without any assistance from the relevant authority. On May 12th and 13th, we were given briefings by the State Election Commissioner and his subordinates.

Thereafter we attended a 2 days briefing on the do’s and don’ts of the General State Elections at the Election Commissioner’s office of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The head of Election Commission, Mr. Chandran Mohan and others briefed us and took questions from us. Read more

Kecewa dengan sistem, pengundi 2 kali sedia ke mahkamah lagi

Sumber: The Malaysian Insider

Mohd Fadhli Khaharuddin terpaksa bersabar dengan segala tuduhan yang kononnya beliau berniat jahat dan bersekongkol dengan parti tertentu untuk menentang kerajaan. – Gambar The Malaysian Insider oleh Kamal Ariffin. 2 Januari, 2016.

Pegawai teknologi maklumat Mohd Fadhli Khaharruddin, 25, sedang menyiapkan diri untuk satu pertempuran undang-undang yang panjang bagi membersihkan namanya kerana melakukan apa yang dirasakan betul – melaporkan kepada polis mengenai kertas undi yang dikeluarkan secara salah, pada pilihan raya umum ke-13, selepas beliau selesai mengundi.

Kegembiraannya selepas dibebaskan Mahkamah Majistret Kuantan pada 9 Disember tahun lalu tidak kekal lama apabila timbalan pendakwa raya (DPP) memfailkan rayuan 2 hari kemudian.

Peguam Fadhli menerima notis rayuan itu pada 22 Disember lepas. Read more

For clean elections and governance – Azmi Sharom

Source: The Star Online


Azmi Sharom - file pic

Azmi Sharom – file pic

TO go, or not to go – that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler to post very angry tweets, or to bear the discomfort of mosquitoes and heat.

I am of course speaking about Bersih 4 (with apologies to Billy Shakespeare).

The planned rally on Aug 29-30 is the fourth instalment of the Bersih rallies.

And they are pretty much calling for the same kind of things.

This time round their demands are clean elections, clean governance, saving the economy and the right to dissent. Read more