Anti-Fake News Bill seeks high punishment for offenders (Updated)

Source: The Star Online

Image taken from The Star Online.

PETALING JAYA: Under the proposed Anti-Fake News Bill, the dissemination of fake news on social media and any other medium could land you with a fine and in jail.

According to a Frequently Asked Question sheet about the Anti-Fake News Bill make available to The Star, offenders will see a higher punishment that includes a fine and imprisonment.

It said the Anti-Fake News Bill is needed as a deterrent to send the message that every individual is responsible for sharing real and verified news.

It said the proposed bill indicates that the Government will not compromise with the dissemination of fake news that can threaten the security and harmony of the country.

It added that the bill is needed because the current Penal Code, the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 are not sufficient to cope with the complex nature of the spread of fake news in this technological era.  Read more