MP: Cross-border human trafficking possible due to corruption, systemic weaknesses

Source: Malay Mail Online

Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim said that a comprehensive investigation was needed to “weed out the rot” in the country’s immigration system and to mend its ‘broken’ border control. — Pictures by Shafwan Zaidon via Malay Mail Online

PETALING JAYA, Feb 2 — The large scale human trafficking camps uncovered in 2015 along the Thai-Malaysia border were only possible due to “systemic corruption” and weak border control, according to federal lawmaker Steven Sim.

Speaking at “Tragedi Wang Kelian: Nerhaka Ciptaan Rasuah” (Wang Kelian Tragedy: Hell Created By Corruption) at the GerakBudaya book store last night, the Bukit Mertajam MP claimed that a combination of foreign worker visa monopolies, illegal worker amnesty and a lack of transparency in addressing the issue has made the matter even worse over time.

The forum was moderated by MBPJ councillor Lim Yi Wei, and with former Malay Mail journalist Arulldas Sinappan and Malaysian Consultative Council of Islam Organisations secretary general Zulhanis Zainol present to relate their experiences on the ground.

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International Women’s Day 2017: Women’s Work

Source: Gerak Budaya Facebook

In conjunction with this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8), Gerakbudaya, Sisters In Islam, All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) and Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (EMPOWER) are organizing a day-long series of events to celebrate and explore the roles, duties, responsibilities, contributions, joys and agonies of Malaysian women, along with the obstacles and challenges they presently face.


The theme of the event is ‘Women’s Work’, which can be interpreted broadly across various contexts. The event will consist of three activities that will take place at Rumah Gerakbudaya on 11 March 2017 (Saturday):
(1) Public lecture by Suri Kempe: 11 am – 1 pm
(2) Lunch: 1 – 2 pm
(3) Panel Discussion: 2 – 4 pm

Paying Their Dues: The Missing Women in Malaysia’s Story
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Pelancaran Buku : Selamatkan Malaysia Hentikan Lynas


Pelancaran Buku : Selamatkan Malaysia Hentikan Lynas

Tarikh: 17hb April 2016 (Ahad)

Masa: 2:00 petang
Tempat: Rumah Gerak Budaya
No 2, Jalan Bukit 11/2, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tajuk: Lynas ke Bauksit: Perjuangan Yang Masih Belum Selesai?

Ahli Panel:

1. Prof Maketab, Bekas Presiden Persatuan Pencinta Alam
2. Prof Tan Ka Kheng, aktivis anti radiasi ARE Di Papan Dan Bukit Merah
3. YB Fuziah Salleh, Ahli Parlimen Kuantan
4. Hj Ismail, Naib Pengerusi SMSL

“Pada ketika itu, seorang insan yang berkopiah bangun menegur kewibawaan pengerusi yang membuat ‘ugutan’ untuk memanggil polis jika dialog itu terus diganggu. Dengan nada yang tenang dan sabar serta dengan logik yang amat manasabah, akhirnya pengerusi majlis terpaksa menarik balik ugutan beliau. Insan ini tidak lain dan tidak bukan ialah Haji Ismail!”

Tan Bun Teet,
Pengerusi Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)

“Marilah sama-sama kita berjuang selagi mempunyai sedikit kudrat dan kemampuan untuk memastikan riwayat Lynas terkubur dan bungkam menyembah bumi di Tanah Air kita yang tercinta ini! Insya Allah.”

Hj Ismail Abu Bakar, Penulis

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Mimbar Gerakbudaya : Mencari Titik Pertemuan Antara Jurang Kaum dan Agama


Selepas Pilihanraya Umum Ke-13, politik perkauman telah menggantikan retorik 1 Malaysia mendominasikan pentas sosio-politik di Malaysia, misalnya :

— Keputusan PRU-13 adalah tsunami Cina
— Menteri ajak Melayu boikot peniaga Cina
— Orang Melayu didakwa jadi barua Cina dalam Himpunan Bersih 4.0
— Rusuhan Plaza Low Yat
— Himpunan baju merah 16 September
— Serangan berbaur perkauman terhadap Guru Melayu di SJKC

Bagaimanakah politik perkauman telah memecah dan memerintah rakyat sehingga identiti kaum dan agama mendahului identiti bangsa Malaysia? Bagaimanakah masyarakat sivil mendepan cabaran politikus mengapi-apikan isu perkauman dan mengeratkan hubungan antara kaum? Apakah titik pertemuan antara jurangan kaum dan agama?

Mimbar Gerakbudaya kali ini berjaya menjemput dua orang anak muda untuk membicarakan perkara ini :

1) Lim Hong Siang, Penganalisis Politik Bebas
2) Benz Ali,
Pejuang Facebok

Tarikh : 12hb April 2016, Selasa
Masa : 8:00 pm
Tempat : Rumah Gerakbudaya
2, Jalan Bukit 11/2, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Sila hubungi Yap pada 03-79578342 jika ada pertanyaan.Gerakbudaya

Migration Works Campaign & Symposia 5 Combined Event

Dear friends and customers,

This Saturday, 5 March, is going to be busy! We hope you’ll be able to make it along to one of our events. Here they are, in order of occurrence …

Symposia 5 flyer

Migration Works
Workshop 1:30-2:30pm, Rumah Gerakbudaya

Migration Works is a campaign to promote positive attitude and behavioural change towards migrants in Malaysia. The Campaign is organised by Public Media Agency (PMA) in partnership with International Labor Organization (ILO). The campaign aim to promote a more positive image of migrants (with emphasis on women migrants workers) that corresponds to their actual contribution and evidence based advocacy against stereotyping for perception change.

followed by …

Symposia 5: Defending Women, Defending Borders?
Gender and the Migrant Worker Experience



Dr Gerhard Hoffstaedter, University of Queensland
Liva Sreedharan, Program Officer at Tenaganita
Asha Dhillon, Head of the Outreach Protection and Intervention Unit of UNHCR
Kumeraintharen Murugiah, Migration Works Campaign Coordinator
For the next Symposia event we are looking to investigate the intersection between experiences of migration and experiences of gender in contemporary Malaysia.If the experience of migration is hugely differential between categories such as expats, refugees, foreign workers and undocumented migrants, these categories are also intersected by gendered differences which ensure vastly different experiences of migration and whilst the experiences of many male migrants are often better understood, the problems faced by women, trans and other gender identities are less understood and identified.

The labour of female migrant workers is often in the form of domestic labour or emotional labour, and thus often outside of the formal sphere of work. This opens women up to different forms of abuse and exploitation, such as sexual abuse, physical and emotional violence, confinement and the withholding of wages. This is especially heightened by the isolation implied by domestic work and the fact that domestic work isn’t sufficiently covered by labour law.

Migrant women are also exposed to forms of sexual exploitation and discrimination, both by the agents who traffic them into Malaysia and by the immigration officials who target them for deportation or sexual favours. Additionally, the needs of women for specialized healthcare can often be denied or act as a source of discrimination, as evidenced by the treatment of Nirmala Thapa, the Nepalese migrant who became the first woman in Malaysia to be charged with procuring an illegal abortion.

Equally migration often intersects with particularly gendered narratives of nationhood and nationality. With the recent announcement of a deal to allow a further 1.5m Bangladeshi workers to work in Malaysia, a whole series of articles have emerged linking the arrival of Bangladeshi migrants to threats of rape against the female Malaysian body. Whilst men such as Papagomo have recently justified the beating of a migrant worker by stating it to be in defence of women in his family. Similarly in Europe a recent article in a Polish news magazine depicts the rape of Europe (a white woman draped in the European flag) by dark-skinned migrants.

During this Symposia event we’ll therefore be interested to investigate the gendered dimensions of migration, and particularly the ways in which female, male and trans migrants are imagined in different ways and exploited and discriminated against in different ways. We hope then to discuss the ways in which we could approach migration which will challenge such gendered differences.


Venue: Rumah Gerakbudaya, No 2, Jalan Bukit 11/2, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Admission: Free

Please call 03-79578342 or email if you have any queries.