Forging ahead in moderation — Dr Nasharudin Mat Isa

Source: NST Online


Every once in a while, there comes a most kairotic moment, and for Malaysia, such a defining moment came in 2010 in the august hall of the United Nations General Assembly when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak implored and declared the need for a global movement of moderates — of all faiths — to once more seize the initiative of the global world from the hands of extremists.

Admittedly, the concept of moderation is not a novelty, but the movement and alliances of moderates represent a new paradigm in the field of international relations, and with such grandiose plans and ventures of man, the onus certainly falls upon him to not only manage expectations, but ultimately to also deliver.

Nov 1 will mark the first year of my tenure spearheading the Global Movement of Moderates Foundation (GMM), and unmistakably, while a number of engagements and initiatives have been made to realise my initial goal of “bringing back GMM onto its initial track”, much needs to be done, be it in the most decisive of manner or in the most strategic of senses.

In a period of much confusion, there remains the crucial need to address issues of the world, from rampant extremism to reactionary Islamophobic acts and policies, to subsequent elements of the human migration crises and manipulation of human rights.

These issues need to be addressed through the most just and wisest of approach. The old adage goes that Rome was not built in a day, but rest assured, Malaysia is on the right track to maintain its elegance and decisiveness in manoeuvring diplomacies of the global world. Read more