Hullabaloo over the middle finger – Dominic Joseph

Source: Berita Daily


Metaphorically, it can represent ministerial code of conduct and the other fingers may reflect high cost of living, corruption, nepotism and a weak economy

Image courtesy of Dominic Joseph / Berita Daily.

Image courtesy of Dominic Joseph / Berita Daily.

7 June, 2016. KUALA LUMPUR: Lately, there have been lots of buzz and hullabaloo over the use of the middle finger. Activist and artist Fahmi Reza used the middle finger as a metaphor in his colouring book – the ‘Malaysian Politikus ABC Colouring Book’ . This colouring book mocks politicians from both sides of the divide.

“This colouring book is especially for youths who are interested in politics but do not like politicians (politikus),” said Fahmi Reza.

The prime minister was described as ‘corruptor’ and another Umno man Ahmad Maslan as a clown’ in the book.

The others include Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, depicted showing two middle fingers with the word ‘hypocrite’. Another image depicted PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang putting a finger to his lips with the word ‘God’. Read more