Muhyiddin orders IGP to submit report on Siti Kasim’s case

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Home Affairs Minister Muhyiddin Yassin – Bernama file photo

PETALING JAYA: Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has directed the Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun to submit a comprehensive report on the arrest of lawyer and activist Siti Kasim who was accused of kidnapping her client and preventing police officers from discharging their duties.

Muhyiddin said he had asked for the report to be submitted before any action is taken on the matter.

He said he had taken cognisance of the public outcry over the matter but as the home minister, he had to balance public interest with the private interests of those directly affected without impeding police investigations.

“I have also noted lawyer Siti Kasim’s response that she was at all times acting as legal counsel for the victim.

“I am fully aware of the right of the individual to legal counsel, and the right of counsel to act without being subjected to threats and harrassment by any parties,” he said in a statement. Read more

Arrest of Siti Kasim draws flak from all quarters

Source: The Star Online

KAJANG: The arrest of lawyer activist Siti Kasim and the police application of remand for her have drawn much outrage from lawyers and activists in the country.

They criticised the actions of the men in blue, saying that the matter could have been resolved amicably.

A number of lawyers and social activists showed up in solidarity with Siti at the Kajang magistrate’s court where the police attempted to obtain a remand order.

They included lawyer and National Human Rights Society (Hakam) president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah. Read more

Man who threatened to behead Siti Kasim arrested

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PETALING JAYA: Police say they have caught the man who made an online threat to behead lawyer Siti Kasim.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Commissioner Amar Singh, in a text message, said a male suspect had been arrested on Tuesday night regarding the case.

“Yes, we can confirm that a male suspect was arrested last night,” The Star quoted Amar as saying.

News of the arrest was also shared by Siti on her Facebook page on Wednesday. She said the suspect had been remanded for three days. Read more

Investigate threats against Siti Kasim under Penal Code, says NGO

Source: FMT News 

PETALING JAYA: Lawyers for Liberty has called on the authorities to take immediate action against perpetrators behind a threat to inflict violence on lawyer and civil rights activist Siti Zabedah Kasim, saying the matter can be investigated under the Penal Code.

Its legal and campaign coordinator Melissa Sasidaran said the NGO was appalled by news reports that Siti had received online threats to rape, behead and attack her with acid, apparently over her alleged views on Islam and LGBT issues.

“It is unacceptable and shocking why the authorities are not taking such threatening and bullying behaviour against women with the seriousness it deserves,” Melissa said. Read more

Threat to behead: Activist-lawyer Siti Kasim files report

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PETALING JAYA: Prominent lawyer and activist Siti Zabedah Kasim, better known as Siti Kasim, today lodged a police report against a man for calling on Muslims to behead her.

According to the New Straits Times, the first threat was posted online on July 3.

The man had attached an article quoting her stand on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, as reported by an online portal but which she claimed had misquoted her.

On July 19, the same man wrote another post, attaching yet another article from the same online portal, stating that Siti Kasim had allegedly said, “Not to follow Arabic Islam, but follow the real Islam”. Read more

Stop harassing lawyers, Paulsen tells authorities

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The Lawyers for Liberty executive director says the charge against lawyer Siti Kasim is a serious attack on the independence of the Bar Council. Pic from FMT News.

PETALING JAYA: Human rights lawyer Eric Paulsen is demanding that the authorities stop “harassing” lawyers in the course of their duties.

This comes after prominent lawyer Siti Kasim was charged with the alleged obstruction of a public servant in carrying out her functions.

Paulsen, who is the Lawyers for Liberty’s executive director, said instead of investigating and charging lawyers for performing their roles, the authorities should ensure that international standards such as the United Nations (UN) Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers are compiled with.

Article 16 of the UN Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, among others, states that governments must ensure that lawyers are able to perform all of their professional functions without intimidation, hindrance, harassment or improper interference and that they should not be threatened with prosecution or administrative, economic or other sanctions for any action taken in accordance with their duties. Read more

Siti Kasim gets death threats, branded ‘destroyer’ of Muslim faith after online interview

Source: The Malay Mail Online

Screenshot of the Police report as shared by Siti Kasim with the MMO.

Screenshot of the Police report as shared by Siti Kasim on her Facebook page.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — Lawyer Siti Kasim has lodged a police report against Facebook users who threatened to decapitate her over her alleged remarks on God.

The human rights lawyer said the death threats came after a fundamentalist Malay-language portal,, published an article titled “Melalui getaran, kita menghasilkan Tuhan — Siti Kasim” (Through vibrations, we create God — Siti Kasim) that she said had “manipulated” her interview with Chinese-language portal

“Many comments calling for my death. This guy messaged me and warned me,” Siti told Malay Mail Online today, referring to a Facebook user who said that she “deserved to be killed”.

She sent Malay Mail Online screenshots of other Facebook users who said things like, “If it were up to me, I would have chopped off this CT Kasim’s head already…traitor to the religion and destroyer of the faith of Muslims in these times”.

Siti said she lodged a police report here last Saturday. Read more

Activists: US report on Orang Asli land rights too shallow

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Siti Kasim says Washington’s annual human rights report is an outdated view of Orang Asli land rights issue, adding that the report bases its argument on a simplistic interpretation of the statute law. Pic from FMT News.

Siti Kasim says Washington’s annual human rights report is an outdated view of Orang Asli land rights issue, adding that the report bases its argument on a simplistic interpretation of the statute law. Pic from FMT News.

PETALING JAYA: Washington’s annual human rights report does not adequately address issues surrounding Orang Asli rights in the country, several Orang Asli activists have said.

Activist-cum-lawyer Siti Kasim pointed out that the US State Department’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016 was too shallow as it merely interpreted the Orang Asli land rights issue in a “simplistic manner”.

“It’s partially correct if one were to solely focus on written law. But it’s an outdated view on Orang Asli land rights, based on a simplistic interpretation of the statute law,” she told FMT when contacted. Read more

Let God deal with LGBT, Jakim told

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Siti Kasim - Pic from FMT News

Siti Kasim – Pic from FMT News

PETALING JAYA: Human rights activist Siti Kasim has criticised Jakim for suggesting a person’s sexual orientation can be changed with extensive religious training. She said it was trying to play God.

“I don’t understand these people,” she told FMT. “They should keep their religious or moral beliefs to themselves and just shut up. If people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community are wrong, then let God punish them.”

Jakim recently released a three-minute video comparing sexual orientation with horse riding, saying that when a person realises he has a “different” sexual orientation and wishes to make a change, he should be given extensive training and guidance.

Siti said such an assumption was not backed by scientific evidence and therefore nonsensical. Read more

Islamic laws manipulated for political mileage, says Siti Kasim

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Lawyer-cum-activist, Siti Kasim. Pic from FMT News.

Lawyer-cum-activist, Siti Kasim. Pic from FMT News.

PETALING JAYA: Islamic laws in Malaysia have been manipulated and used as a tool by politicians interested only in obtaining political mileage, says lawyer-cum-activist Siti Kasim.

Hence, the Malays in this country should stand up and question the implementation of these laws instead of taking them lying down, she added.

“These man-made laws will affect the Malays first, and then the rest (those of other races).

“We the Malays must question these laws instead of simply accepting them as God’s law.

“Learn about Islam from those who are genuine, not from those with ulterior motives,” she told FMT. Read more