Say no to torture, join the campaign

HAT logoTo celebrate its 30th anniversary and on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the OMCT invites you to participate in the launch of its #HumansAgainstTorture, or HAT campaign, for short.

The campaign calls on the general public, all those concerned about human rights, and the members of OMCT’s global SOS Torture Network to help spread awareness against torture.

Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as key platforms, the HAT campaign invites you to share photos of yourself or others – whether torture victim, activists or just a person on the street who want this practice to end – wearing a hat, as a symbol of their adherence to the campaign.

You may add a brief story and/or a statement against torture to the photo, and then remember to add the tag #HumansAgainstTorture.  Read more