Santiago: M’sia must learn from Brexit

Source: FMT

Klang MP warns failure to ensure social welfare and social protection for local workforce can lead to xenophobia.

ULAANBAATAR: Malaysia can learn some very important lessons from Brexit, especially in preventing the rise of xenophobia, says Charles Santiago of the DAP.

Speaking to FMT on the sidelines of the 11th Asia-Europe People’s Forum, Santiago said Brexit has highlighted just how important it was for governments to ensure the social welfare and social protection of the local workforce in their own countries.

He explained that the decision by Brexit supporters to leave the European Union (EU) was largely based on their fear of losing jobs and anger against the establishment for not protecting the everyday man.

“A large part of the leave voters felt that the benefits of the EU partnership did not benefit them.

“Corporations were moving jobs out of England to China etc to take advantage of lower production costs.”

Within the country, he said, labour markets were being restructured at the expense of locals through contract labour and the entry of a migrant workforce. Essentially, those who voted to leave, were at the receiving end of job losses. Read more